Advent Calendar #2

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We wish you a happy Advent!

The Roses

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

This Advent calendar for lovers of specialty coffee contains 24 tins, each with 20 grams of coffee from one of Europe’s leading roasteries, chosen for you with the utmost care. With us, every day you will have an opportunity to try coffee from a different roastery, a different farm and a different corner of the world. As with all good Advent calendars, you won’t know what you are about to sample until the last moment. You will find basic information on the coffee behind each calendar window, printed on each tin. You can turn to our website ( for details on each selected coffee, including information on its origin and roastery and a recipe for the best way to prepare it.


This year, we have prepared a prize draw for you!

We will hide 150 of golden tickets into the calendars. By finding one of them in the calendars‘ window, you are entering a prize draw competition. We will pick the lucky winners on the 24th of December in a live stream on our Facebook account. You can find full rules and regulations here (in Czech). For any questions, feel free to contact us!

What prizes you can look forward to?

Acaia Pearl Scale
Comandante C40 MK43 NitroBlade American Cherry grinder
Moccamaster KB741
3x our Barista Casual t-shirt, according to your own choice
V60-02, turquoise, ceramic
2x 100 grams of the exclusive coffee, you will find in the 24th window
3x 250 grams bag of specialty coffee from our e-shop, according to your own choice
2x Discount – 15% on your order on our e-shop

Roasteries inside



The Naughty Dog
This relatively new Czech roastery resides in Jílové u Prahy. It was founded by Petra Davies Veselá who is a brilliant barista and an international judge and by Gwilym Davies who established the very well known café Prufrock in London. He is an international judge as well. They also run their coffee training place. Besides their passion for coffee they are very enthusiastic about their two sausage dogs – Maja The Sausage Dog and Mrs. Jenny Brown. That’s the reason why the roastery is called The Naught Dog.

Candycane coffee
Founders of this sweet roastery are two guys – Ondřej Štoksa and Jaroslav Slámečka. Ondřej gained his experience in roasting during his previous project – Kapitan Arabika. Jaroslav worked in many famous cafés in Prague, where he got into coffee so deep, that nowadays he his one of the Czech Barista Championship technical judges. If you have ever seen Candycane on some event, you must agree that the way they present their roastery is simply unforgettable show.

The Rebelbean brand was established by Michal Stec in 2013, when the second of actual co-owners, Jan Špalek, was working in another roastery in Brno, where had been first Rebel beans roasted. So once Honza became a co-owner of the brand, they started hard work on their own roastery. First coffee in their Rebelbean roastery in Jundrov district was roasted in April of 2017. Besides roastery, Michal, Honza and their team run two cafés in Brno.




Per Nordby
This roastery was founded in 2013 in Göteborg, Sweden. Their coffee comes only from the farmers they know personally. They visit them every year to take a look at the place of origin of the coffee. They buy green coffee especially from Brazil, Ethiopia, Costarica, Rwanda, Kenya and Nicaragua.

Morgon Coffee Roasters
This roastery project is runned by Gabriella Runesson, Markus Vestergaard and Christian Gullbrandsson. They are based in Swedish lovely city of Gothenburg and their idea behind the roastery is very simple. The say „We’re not that special, we just work with specialty coffee“, and this is that idea. Their aim is showing people that specialty coffee is not rocket science and is for everyone! They want to roast great coffees and share stories of farmers with their drinkers.




Hasbean roastery comes from Stafford, England. Stephen Leighton, founder of HB, is one of the most important specialty coffee persons. Steve started roastery in garage at his house and selled his coffee in very small shop in Stafford. Nowadays in Hasbean, they roast on four roasting machines. The biggest one has the capacity of 60 kg of green coffee per one batch! Another person working in this roastery is the 2017 World Barista Champion, Dale Harris.

Round Hill Roastery
This roastery comes from nice British spa resort, the city of Bath. Eddie Twitchett runs his roastery since 2012. He started in a tiny space and selling his coffee on local farmer markets. The business grew quickly and they gained their first wholesale customers. Round Hill is now a small team and have moved to a larger roastery.

Colonna Coffee
Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is the owner of the Colonna roastery and triple British Barista Champion. He and his wife Lesley had their first coffee company before. They did coffee at various events and festivals all around the UK.




Coffee Proficiency
This roastery comes from Krakow, Poland. It was established in 2012. One of the people involved in this roastery is Lukasz Jura, world-famous judge.

Java Coffee
This roastery is also from Warsaw. Besides roastery they have established a Java University, where they teach baristas and all the people interested in coffee how to brew an excellent cup of coffee.




Populus Coffee
Populus roastery is based in Berlin, but owners come from Finland. Populus is family project of Henrik Haavisto and his wife Sari. This business is based on quallity and direct trade. They are particular about direct contact with farmers they are buying coffee from, as well as with coffee shops where is their coffee brewed and selled. Besides roastery, they also run café in Berlin, where they have their own baked pastry, sandwiches and much more.

Fjord Coffee Roasters
Fjord Coffee Roasters is second Berlin’s roastery in our calendar. They are one of the famous German roasteries. As they say, they are sourcing coffee of the highest quallity possible with the aim of unforgettable cup of coffee.




La Cabra Coffee Roasters
La Cabra has started with a small coffee shop in 2012, far away from the city centre of Aarhus where they were brewing specialty coffee to the people. Even though the coffee culture in Aarhus was relatively developed, specialty coffee was the thing that was missing and La Cabra became specialty coffee pioneers in this Denamrk‘s town! Thanks to this, La Cabra founded their own roastery in 2013.

April Coffee Roasters
Founder of this rastery, Patrik Rolf, had been working for many well-known roasters and cafés. April Coffee is his own project based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Why April? Because April is the „meeting point“ of whole world green coffee production. Patrik is also competing. In 2015 he became a runner-up on London Coffee Masters and placed second on this years (2019) World Brewers Cup.




Illimité Coffee Roasters
This Slovak roastery was founded in 2014 by Lukáš Kubiny. He was studying at medicine school to become a pharmaceutical assistant at the time. Because the world of coffee is full of chemistry as pharmacy is, he used his knowledge and started his own business in the field of coffee.

The Fleck Coffee Roasters
Martin Karabinoš is the owner of this roastery and winner of a Slovak coffee competitions like Barista Championship, Coffee in good spirit and Latte art. After he had experienced working like a barista and bartender, he decided to start his own business. It was established in Bánská Bystrica and it connects both the café and roastery.




The Underdog
The Underdog is the only greek roastery in our calendar, based in Athens. People from Underdog roast coffee since 2011, so they are very experienced coffee professionals. Together with roastery they run café called The Rabbit Punch, in Athens as well. The owner of Underdog, Tasos Delichristos is well known international coffee judge. Another involved person is Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, who has won 2016 World Coffee in Good Spirits championship and is a runner-up of this years Wold Barista Championship 2019




Ditta Artigianale
The roastery was founded in 2013, when the owner Francesco Sanapo placed 6th at the World Barista Championship in Melbourne. He felt the urge to do something big and innovative and he wanted to point out Italian traditions and hospitality. So Ditta Artigianale was born.




Cocóra Specialty Coffees
These people have gained all the experiences only from the bests including Joanna Alm from Drop Coffee, Sandra Azevedo, who is an SCA trainer or Scott Rao. Then they worked on themselves very hard and in 2017 established their own roastery. They placed 2nd in the Spanish Brewers Cup and 3rd in the Spanish Roasting Championship.

Nomad Coffee
Nomad Coffee was founded by Jordi Mestre who spent 2 years as a barista in the best London cafés. Then he set up a “coffee on the wheels“ (movable, mobile) equipped with the coffee machine and grinder to drive around the city and sell coffee. In 2012 he won the Spanish Barista Championship and he placed 15th on the World Barista Championship. In 2014 the project Nomad Coffee Lab was born in Barcelona. After a while, Fran Gonzáles joined the team of Nomad.




White Label Coffee
White Label Coffee is the roastery from Amsterdam. They also have a café with the same name there.

Friedhats Coffee Roasters
Friedhats Coffee Roasters is a micro roastery in Amsterdam. Their aim is to minimize the impact of its whole production on the environment. Lex Wenneker won The Dutch Barista Championship in 2015, 2016 and 2018. He placed 2nd at the World Barista Championship 2018 as well. Dylan Sedwick has been interested in the world of coffee since 2007. At that time he started to work as a repairer of the coffee machines. Since 2014 he worked as a barista in Headfirst Coffee Roasters where he got to know Lex.




Sloane Coffee Roastery
Sloane Coffee Roastery is a Romanian roastery from Bucharest founded by Cosmin Mihailov and Teodora Pitis. Cosmin selects the best coffee for the roastery and Teodora takes care of the administration. Their roaster Bogdan Georgescu won a Romanian Coffee Roasting Competition 2019 and at the World Coffee Roasting Championship he placed 2nd.

Bob Coffee Lab
They say: „What’s up, dog? Here’s the deal. When I’ve turned into a dog, my psycho-therapist told me: Chill, Bob, don’t panic, people change all the time. Now that I’m a dog, he thinks I’ve become a better man. Not even Kafka would’ve said it better. Also, all my senses have sharpened. I immediately smell the kind of man you are. I’ve become super-cool at sniffing. The world is like an olfactory show to me. And I wanna make the most of this show. That’s why I poked my nose into this coffee business. Because nothing compares with every flavored bean roasted by our man, the top dog. Trust my nose! I’ve created a gang of experts awarded in the whole world and we fix a coffee like cat’s pajamas. Stop by and stand by me, dog. Cuz every dog has its day. And his coffee.“