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Advanced filter brewing course


This course is suitable for advanced baristas. We focus on extraction and advanced filter coffee aspects that affect brewing. We will teach you how to work with a refractometer, sieving techniques and also sensory of filter coffee. We will work with the best grinders, Kruve sieves, VST refractometer and many conical and flatbed drippers.

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Course outline

  • Advanced theory about extraction
  • Cupping
    • 8 samples
    • discussion about taste
  • Advanced extraction and filter brewing factors
    • Coffee : Water ratio
    • Grinding
    • Extraction time
    • Water temperature
    • Turbulence/agitation
  • Brewing methods
    • Pour over advanced
    • Immersion advanced
  • Work with refractometer and Kruve
  • Filter coffee sensory

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate and a small coffee gift.

Length of course | 4 hours
Number of participants | 2-5 participants

The course takes place in our professional training centre The Roses Barista Academy.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at +420 776 617 320 or by email.

Please also keep in mind our cancellation policy.


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