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Colombia El Mirador Washed Tabi | Espresso


| 250 g
Miller Bustos
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1 500 m. a. s. l.
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Discover the unique taste and story of our new selection of Colombia El Mirador Tabi Washed coffee. The coffee is sourced from the farm of Miller Bustos, part of a third generation family that has been involved in coffee for over 20 years. This coffee is not just a drink, but a story of love, determination and innovation.


El Mirador Farm, which Mr. Bustos inherited from his mother, is a place where tradition meets modern practices. Miller began growing fine coffee in early 2010. It was then that he realized that higher quality coffee could ensure the sustainability of his business. By improving processing infrastructure and changing fertiliser methods, the producer can continually work to improve the quality of his products.

Colombia El Mirador Tabi Washed coffee goes through a careful processing process. After selective hand-picking, the ripe cherries are peeled and fermented. The parchment coffee (the green coffee in its last packaging) is then washed in clean water and dried on terraces, where it is turned regularly to ensure even drying.


Colombia El Mirador Tabi Washed boasts a rich flavor profile that is characteristic of the Huila region. This coffee offers a medium juicy body, a sparkly acidity and a rich aftertaste that is typical of Colombian coffees. You can enjoy the fruity flavours of orange, red apple and the sweetness of brown sugar. Espresso roast.


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