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Drip Bags | Kenya Ndaroini AA Washed

Ndaroini Station
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1800 - 1900 m. a. s. l.
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Thanks to the handy dripbag filter, you can always have coffee on hand wherever you go! All you need is a cup and hot water and you can enjoy great coffee without any problems. For many people, good coffee is an essential part of their daily life. And if you want to have a great cup of coffee even on the go, without complicated preparation, then there is a practical and convenient accessory for you – a drip bag with coffee. This innovative way of preparing coffee is becoming increasingly popular among people who want to enjoy their favorite coffee anytime and anywhere. One of the biggest advantages of the drip bag is its easy portability. It is lightweight, portable, and can easily fit in your bag or purse. Another advantage is the speed and simplicity of preparation. Just open the bag, hang it on your mug or cup, and pour hot water over it. The coffee slowly percolates through the filter while a great selection of coffee appears at the bottom of the mug, ready to be consumed. Contains 4 drip bags of 10g each for 4 drinks of 150ml of great coffee!


The Nyeri region is one of the most important coffee regions in Kenya. The region is home to many mountain ranges, providing it with optimal conditions for growing quality coffee. Nyeri lies at the foot of Mount Kenya, the second-highest mountain in Africa, and this mountainous region provides coffee plantations with the ideal combination of altitude, quality volcanic soil, and climate.


The Ndaroini plant, located in the Nyeri region, is known for its experienced small growers who carefully cultivate and process coffee cherries with the utmost attention to quality. The coffee processing process begins with the careful selection of only the ripest cherries, which guarantees high quality and a unique taste.
The “AA” designation guarantees the highest quality of this coffee. These are the beans that are the largest and have the most uniform shape. As a result, the beans are also roasted in the same way.
The coffee has been processed using the washed method. In this method, the cherries are first carefully harvested by hand and the beans are shelled from the cherry, followed by a fermentation phase where the residual pulp becomes water soluble through enzymatic reactions. The grains are then cleaned with water – the processing method is named after this ‘washing’. Finally, the coffee is dried on African beds to a final moisture content of 10-12 %.


The absolute strengths of this coffee are juiciness and sweetness. The classic Kenyan flavor profile is combined with a nice body and round sweetness.


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