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Ethiopia Uraga Guji Anaerobic Natural Heirloom


| 250 g
Uraga station
Processing method
1925 - 2100 m. a. s. l.
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Introducing our next direct trade, which also falls under the RARE line, Ethiopia Uraga Guji Anaerobic Natural! Vojta went to Ethiopia in March to find some great coffees for you, and this one really did the trick. Intense and rich flavour, thanks to the anaerobic processing, purity in the cup, thanks to the slow drying, in short, a hit.

About the region

Guji is an area located in the south of Ethiopia, in the Oromia region. This area is agriculturally rich and famous for its coffee production. The Guji area is surrounded by picturesque mountains, which creates an ideal microclimate for growing arabica. This area is also characterised by its shady coffee plantations, where coffee trees are surrounded by a variety of flora and fauna.

About the producer

The coffee has been grown by approximately 700 small farmers who deliver their devil-harvested coffee to the Uraga processing plant. The local growers emphasise traditional cultivation methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. The coffee cherries are hand-picked at the optimum stage of ripeness, ensuring that only the best cherries are processed further.

About the processing

The processing is the part that really adds a lot to the coffee. Anaerobic natural. After picking, the coffee cherries are carefully selected and then placed in hermetically sealed containers – plastic barrels or Grainpro bags, where fermentation takes place without access to oxygen (anaerobic environment).
This process allows the cherries to ferment with their own enzymes, which leads to the decomposition of certain compounds and creates unique chemical reactions inside. Anaer


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