Specialty coffee for your events.

Coffee bar anywhere you wish.

Tailor-made coffee catering

We'll prepare catering exactly according to your needs. All kinds of hot and cold coffee beverages are prepared from specialty coffee.

Private and business events

Whether you organize big business conference, teambuilding, wedding or small private celebration, we are here for you.


We'll come anywhere

We can arrive anywhere you wish. The Czech Republic but also abroad.


Various modules to choose from

Our capabilities starts with small espresso bar, filter coffee and Coffee&Spirits cocktail bar modules. Anyway we're able to prepare big module with, besides coffee, alcoholic signature cocktails.


Signature cocktails

Tailor-made menu is one of the things that make us different. If you'd wish to have coffee or cocktail menu designed specifically and thematically for your event, you are on the right place!

Non-binding inquiry

Reach out to us and we will prepare non-binding offer for you.

How does it work

Various modules to choose from

We offer modules from a small espresso bar to a big bar with cocktails.

The coffee catering bar will be built based on your needs. We are able to fully adapt to your event with our bar and the menu as well. Please find our modules below.



Espresso and cappuccino

Filter coffee

Coffee & Spirits bar


Espresso and cappuccino

Espresso bar with a nice espresso machine, where we prepare espresso-based beverages. Milk beverages are also included and you can choose from various kinds of milk – dairy and plant-based. We work with high-quality specialty coffee that will be brewed by our trained baristas.

Filter coffee

Filter coffee (batch brew), hand brew, mainly V60 dripper. These are our favourite ways to prepare filter coffee. However, of you have your own favourite method you want us to use, such as Aeropress or Clever dripper, we are happy to take these with us.

In the filter coffee module, different kinds of coffee are included, We’ll prepare up to 5 different coffees for your guests to choose from. If you’d wish also a real coffee-geek experience, we can prepare the exclusive coffee offer to brew for you. With this, you’ll have the opportunity to taste one of the best coffees in the world.

Coffee&Spirits cocktails

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic coffee cocktails? Ask us for our menu! Or we can design the offer based on your preferences (favourite spirits, thematical event, wedding …)

Alcoholic cocktails

As said before, one of our interests is designing of the menu based on the event we are going to. So we do with cocktails. We can prepare both, classic well-known cocktails but also signature cocktails, for sure. Feel free to tell us your favourite spirits, so we can design the drinks right for you!

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