About us

Who we are

We are a family company. Thanks to this we are flexible and able to quickly react on needs of our customers.


Specialty coffee is our life. The world of flavours and aromas simply fascinated us and now we want to provide it to our customers.


We provide all kinds of coffee courses and trainings in our The Roses Barista Academy. From beginners to professionals.

Since 2017

In 2017 we established our company and opened our first café. Since then we expand in various fields.

Coffee shops

In our coffee shops we serve the highest-quality specialty coffee. Our baristas are trained on a regular basis.


The Roses is regularly part of beneficent events. We try to help people who were less fortunate that ourselves.

What we do

Specialty coffee and everything around. We focus on our own education and we are always open to new opportunities.


Our online shop focuses on the specialty coffee from the best European roasteries. Every coffee we sell we taste ourselves at first, and the vast majority of the roasters we know in person.

The Roses

Jsme nadšení pro kávu. Máme rádi pivo a dobré jídlo. Soutěžíme. Podnikáme. Pomáháme. Jsme zkrátka The Roses.


coffee professional, barista trainer, executive director

Vojta is interested in coffee since he was 12 years old. He started competing on the Czech Barista Championship in 2016 and in the year 2020 he won the title ‘Czech Barista Champion’. Vojta’s other achievements are double Czech Cup Tasters vice-champion and Czech Barista Vice-champion 2022. Vojta also trained many successful baristas who took front places in national competitions. In The Roses, Vojta’s main responsibilities are leading all of our coffee courses, educating of our staff, coffee consulting and e-shop.

Matyáš Růžička

coffee shops manager, coffee professional, executive director

Maty is in the coffee industry since 2015. His biggest achievements are 2nd place in the Czech Brewers Cup 2022 and Czech Cup Tasters 2022 finalist.
In The Roses, his responsibilities are managing our coffee shops, organizing caterings, staff hiring and paperwork. He also teaches in The Roses Barista Academy with Vojta.

Oldřich Růžička

an important man in the background, supervisor, executive director

A man in the background, business supervisor, investor, specialty coffee, craft beer and high-quality cigar lover, cameraman, videos director, editor, sound technician, gaffer, and dad, but mainly a man, who brings to The Roses company useful and key business experience gained from many years of running various kinds of business.

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