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Few words about specialty coffee

01Honey processing

02Natural processing

03Washed processing

What can by useful

Brewing equipment

Barista Academy

Selection from our courses

  • The Roses

    Basic barista course

    All basic barista techniques in one course. Theory about coffee and espresso and cappuccino preparation. Learn from us how to brew coffee correctly!

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  • The Roses

    Barista’s sensory skills

    Sensory skills are definitely one of the most important skills of a coffee professional. Sensory skills training is a very complex discipline, that requires a professional attitude, equipment and mainly experience.

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  • The Roses

    Advanced latte art techniques

    Advanced latte art techniques is a course suitable for everyone who'd like to learn complex latte art. You'll learn necessary theoretical information, but mainly it's focused on a practice of advanced patterns.

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  • The Roses

    Home filter coffee brewing

    For the easiest preparation of a great coffee at home, alternative coffee brewing methods are the best for sure. We will teach you how to brew V60, Aeropress, Clever dripper and much more.

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What happens in The Roses

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