The Roses Barista Academy

About our training centre

The Roses Barista Academy is designed to match the rules and requirements of the SCA training centres. We also designed this place to be fully customizable and easily adjustable for the coffee competition trainings.

Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle 3 group coffee machine

Grinders Nuova Simonelli Mythos One and Mahlkönig EK43.

Audiovisual technology for the theoretical education.

Barista equipment for all kinds of courses and trainings.


Vojtěch Růžička

Vojta is in the coffee industry since 2011. In his coffee career, he gained experience in the Czech Republic but also abroad, took part in many coffee competitions and also judged some of them. Since 2019, Vojta focuses on education as a Barista trainer. Currently, he is finishing certification in SCA Coffee Skills Program to become AST (Authorized SCA Trainer). As a result of this, we’ll be able to offer you official SCA certificated courses soon. We focus on Barista, Brewin, Sensory and Green coffee modules.

Vojta trains all kinds of trainings.

Vojtech’s achievements:

Czech Barista Champion 2020

World Barista Championship semifinalist - 12th place

Czech Barista Vice-champion 2022

Finalista Barista roku 2017-2019.

Czech Cup Tasters vice-champion 2018 & 2022.

Trainer of many competition baristas who took front places in national competitions.


Matyáš Růžička

Maty is in the coffee industry since 2015. His experience comes from many competitions, where he helped a lot as a trainer and backstage manager. His responsibility is to manage our coffee shops and train our baristas. Thanks to this experience he can help with your cafè as well. You can meet him on home brewing courses and Barista.

Maty`s achievements:

Vicemistr Czech Brewers Cup 2022.

4. místo Czech Cup Tasters 2022.

The Roses Barista Academy

Coffee courses, trainings, workshops, cuppings, lectures and many other events. This is The Roses Barista Academy. We are happy to invite you for one of our courses, or just for a friendly visit with talk and sharing of the coffee knowledge.

Welcome to The Roses Barista Academy!

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