For companies

specialty coffee to your office

We will help you to find the ideal coffee brewing equipment, but mainly coffee for your office. Life is too short to drink bad coffee!


Have a filter coffee option for your employees, the equipment is not expensive and brewing is easy.

We will supply the equipment - coffee machine, grinder, batch brew.

We'll show you and your employees how to brew the perfect cup.

We will supply you with the best specialty coffee according to your needs.


A unique event full of coffee

Cupping is a coffee degustation, where we’ll show you the differences in various kinds of coffee. We can organize the cupping for you in our professional coffee centre or in your company, at an event or simply anywhere.

Great teambuilding.

Cupping in our Barista Academy or anywhere.

One-time or regular events.


We are able to prepare for your employees activities full of coffee!

Coffee courses and workshops are nice enrichment of your teambuilding or company party. We can prepare coffee bags or other coffee gifts with a logo of your company and much more.

Events in your facilities, our Barista Academy or anywhere.

Activities according to your needs.

Coffee gifts with your logo.

Contact us

If you plan any event where you’d like to have a coffee activities, contact us and let’s make it together.

If you’d like to have coffee catering and full coffee service as well, please see our caterings offer.



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