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Basic barista course


All necessary basic barista techniques in one course.
Firstly, we will go through the theoretical part, which is about growing, processing and roasting coffee. How the different coffees taste like, we will discover on cupping. After cupping and discussing the flavours of our coffee, we will learn about espresso history and the classification of espresso-based beverages. In the practical part, we will mainly learn how to work with an espresso grinder, prepare the coffee puck correctly, tamp the coffee and brew delicious espresso. Then you’ll also get familiar with the steam wand to prepare delicious cappuccino. And because everybody loves latte art, we will teach you basics, such as heart and rosetta.
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Course outline

  • Presentation about coffee -foundation
    • Growing, harvest, processing, roasting
  • Cupping
    • 6 samples of a different coffees
    • discussion about flavour differences
  • History of espresso and basic beverage classification
    • Clarification of terms
  • Work with a grinder and coffee machine
    • Correct grinder adjustment and espresso dial-in
    • Basic puck preparation, distribution and tamping
    • Milk steaming and pouring techniques
    • Cappuccino preparation
    • Basics of a latte art
      • heart, rosetta
    • Cleaning and maintenance of a grinder and a coffee machine

At the end of the course you’ll receive certificate and a small coffee gift.

Length of course | 4 hours
Number of participants | 2-5 participants

The course takes place in our professional training centre The Roses Barista Academy.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at +420 776 617 320 or by email.

Please also keep in mind our cancellation policy.


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