1st December

1st December



Roastery: The Roses
Altitude: 1 600 m. a. s. l.
Variety: Ají
Processing: Natural

Taste profile

Pomegranate, clove, mango

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Moises Chaguala, the coffee farmer from Colombia behind the unique Borbon Aji at La Marias Farm in the Huila region. Together with importer Forest, he develops new natural processing methods for different varieties such as the recently discovered Aji Bourbon. This coffee goes through a natural process, including an 84-hour water immersion, drying for 16 days, and then stabilization for 30 days in the husk.


Preparation method: Simplify the Brewer
Grinding: finer, 15 clicks per Comandante
Water temperature: 94 °C
Amount of coffee: 20 g
Brew Time: 2:50

0:00 – 60 g bloom
0:30 – top up to 150 g
1:00 – top up to 240 g
1:30 – top up to 330 g

Note: The pouring recipe can also be used on the V60, you just need to adjust the grind – 26 clicks on the Comandante.

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