10th December

10th December

Brazil Fazenda Guariroba


Roastery:  Meron
Altitude: 1 150 m. a. s. l
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Processing: Black Honey Double Carbonic Maceration

Taste profile

Cedar, quince, white grapefruit, brown sugar


Fazenda Guariroba is located in Santo Antônio do Amparo, a small municipality in Campo das Vertentes, a reference area for growing specialty coffee located in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

Now a little about the coffee. The cherries are soaked for 1 hour in water with hydraulic selection. Initially, the cherries are subjected to carbonic maceration for 96 hours with the must ( lactic fermentation ). The fermented cherries are developed and put into a second carbonic maceration for 96 hours with the must from the first fermentation of the cherries.

The coffee is dried in the sun on African beds for 15 days until the humidity reaches 10,5 %. Final moisture stabilization for 8 days inside the warehouse, then the coffee is finally stored on Grain Pro bags. After a final stabilisation period of 8-10 days, the coffees are cupped and batches are organised.


Preparation method: Hario Dripper V60
Water temperature: 92 °C
Amount of coffee: 16 g
Brew time: 2:30 – 2:45

0:00 – 50 g bloom (stir)
0:30 – top up to 160 g
1:00 – top up to 260 g

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