6th December

6th December

Burundi Rugabano


Roastery: Hola Coffee Roasters
Altitude: 1 575–1 700 m. a. s. l.
Variety: Bourbon
Processing: Washed

Taste profile

Honey, pear, raisins


In Burundi, almost the entire population lives off what they grow, and some 700,000 families make their living directly from coffee, a product that the locals say is close to their hearts. It is a landlocked country with few economic resources and a predominantly agricultural economy, in which coffee is vital. With an annual production of no more than 200,000 bags, Burundian coffee currently accounts for just over 1 % of the world market, a percentage which, although very low compared to other producing countries, represents up to 65 % of Burundi’s exports and therefore an important source of income for the national economy and for the more than 700,000 coffee-growing families who also devote part of their land to subsistence farming – wheat, maize, rice, bananas, etc. – to supplement their income. – to supplement their annual income from the sale of their coffee. Coffee production in Burundi is mainly a smallholder activity, and it is estimated that approximately 30% of households throughout the country depend on this crop for their livelihood. Farms are small, less than one hectare, and the average number of trees per farmer is estimated to be between 50 and 250, a perfect ratio to ensure timely tree care and high quality coffees.


Method of preparation: Orea V2
Water temperature: 92 °C
Coffee quantity: 18 g
Brew Time: 3:00 – 3:30

0:00 – 0:30 … 50 g bloom
0:30 – 1:15 … top up to 150 g
1:15 – 1:45 … top up to 300 g

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