9th December

9th December

Costa Rica Montero Family


Roastery: Morgon Coffee Roasters
Altitude: 1 600 m. a. s. l.
Variety: Typica
Processing: Washed

Taste profile

Chocolate biscuits, plums


Exceptional MONTERO FAMILY Costa Rican coffee, carefully roasted in Morgon Coffee Roasters in Sweden, offers a honey-sweet experience for those who like to enjoy coffee all day long. With a creamy body and enchanting notes of plum and chocolate biscuit, it brings a smile to even the greyest day. The coffee beans come from the Montero farm, where three generations of this visionary family have not only grown coffee, but also actively spread awareness of the excellence of this beverage in their region. Today, the Monteros are considered one of the most popular farms in the country.

Morgon Coffee Roasters’ connection with the Montero family began in 2016 when Christian visited Tarraza. This family has been involved in coffee production for three generations, starting with grandfather Eli, continuing with son Carlos and grandson Jacob. Over the years, Morgon has visited the La Pastora farm several times and, in addition to their excellent coffee, they have earned their warmth and friendliness. The community in Tarrazo is important to Carlos and his family, where they are considered visionaries and leaders in the movement for choice coffee. Area producers look to them for inspiration and advice, which Carlos is always willing to provide. Morgon even had the privilege of hosting Carlos during his visit to Gothenburg and returning some of the hospitality, while also spending a week with him and introducing him to part of the coffee chain.

Coffee beans, using the honey method, start out the same as the washed method. After harvesting, the coffee cherries are treated on a special peeler without the use of water, so that as many sugars as possible remain and the coffee retains its pleasant sweetness. This method can produce different variations – white, red, black honey, etc., depending on the amount of mucilage left on the coffee. The green coffee with added mucilage is then dried in the sun under careful control to achieve optimum moisture. As the name of this method suggests, the resulting coffee has a distinctive honey sweetness.


Preparation method: April Brewer
Water temperature: 93 °C
Amount of coffee: 20 g
Brew time: 3:30

0:00 – 0:30 – 60 g bloom (stir)
Then slowly top up the coffee in 3 pours to about 330 g of water.

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