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Brazil Mogiana Natural | espresso


| 250 g
various small holders
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900 - 1050 m. a. s. l.
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Popis kurzu

About the region

Mogiana, one of the oldest coffee-growing regions nestled in the heart of Brazil, is a picturesque valley that extends along the border of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. The region is named after the Companhia Mogiana, who owned the railways that traversed the mountainous coffee regions. The train line was known as “The Coffee Train” for its role in facilitating early coffee production and exportation. This enchanting locale boasts a rich and enduring coffee-growing heritage, a legacy that traces its roots back to the 19th century. Today, more than 1 million bags of coffee are grown in the Mogiana Valley annually.

About the producer

Sucafina Specialty is a global coffee network with a strong local presence. They are dedicated to helping roasters find the perfect coffee, regardless of quality or budget.

Sucafina Specialty builds sustainable supply chains that meet the unique needs of both roasters and producers. They are committed to advancing the coffee industry through innovation in technology, agronomy, finance, and logistics. Their mission is to drive efficiency and fairness throughout the supply chain, ensuring that everyone benefits.

Sucafina Specialty believes that the way they source and trade green coffee should contribute to the overall sustainability of the coffee industry. As part of one of the few multinationals exclusively focused on coffee, their one-global-team approach sets them apart. This approach enhances efficiency, allows them to provide innovative services to suppliers, and delivers exceptional value and selection to customers.

Flavour and use

We roast our Brazil for espresso when it is beautifully sweet and round with flavours of milk chocolate, nougat and dried fruit. We also recommend trying it on an automatic coffee machine. The perfect coffee to start your morning at home or in the office.


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