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Ethiopia Kochere Abebe Gutema Natural Heirloom | Filter


| 250 g
Abebe Gutema
Processing method
1850 - 1950 m. a. s. l.
Roast profile
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Popis kurzu

This coffee has grown on us. Not only because it tastes great both on espresso and filter. It’s mainly because Abebe Gutema is a wonderful, humble man who gives his all to growing coffee. New regulations now allow direct purchase from farmers, which adds value for both them and the roasters.


Abebe Gutema grows coffee at altitudes of 1,850 to 1,950 meters above sea level, near Mount Reko. As a passionate and humble grower, he processes his coffee in his own processing station, ensuring the highest quality. Most growers in Ethiopia are small farmers who use traditional growing methods without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The Kochere region in the Gedeo zone, with altitudes ranging from 1800 to 2100 metres, provides ideal conditions for growing sweet and fruity coffee.

We visited Abebe in January this year. Abebe owns a relatively large farm by Ethiopian standards, covering around 7 hectares. Our partner with whom we work to import green coffee from Ethiopia, Guansa Coffee, therefore decided to build Abebe his own processing station. Abebe really puts everything into growing and processing coffee. When we asked him if it would be possible to visit him again in a year’s time and try out new experimental methods together, he smiled and said it would be a blessing and a great honour for him. Such is Abebe, a humble likeable man who is open to new modern practices.


Ethiopia Kochere Abebe Gutema Natural Heirloom coffee will dazzle you with notes of blueberries, yellow melon and maple syrup. This rich flavor profile is the perfect experience for any espresso lover and perfectly represents the best Ethiopian coffee has to offer. Filter roast.


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