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Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora Natural Caturra | Filter


| 250 g
Hacienda Sonora
Processing method
1200 - 1300 m. a. s. l.
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Popis kurzu

About the producer

Hacienda Sonora is located at the foot of Poas Volcano. This farmstead is entirely dependent on renewable energy from a hydroelectric generator that harnesses the power of the rivers to generate electricity. This sustainable energy powers the wet and dry mills and offers free electricity to all residents and workers on the farm. In addition to sustainable practices, Hacienda Sonora demonstrates a commitment to fair prosperity, ensuring fair wages for its employees and actively contributing to the growth of the surrounding community’s economy.

The estate covers approximately 100 hectares and boasts a rich landscape. On 45 hectares there are shady coffee plantations where coffee bushes thrive amidst a diverse ecosystem of native trees and vegetation. This symbiotic relationship supports the vitality of the soil and nourishes the cherries to perfection. The remaining area is a haven for biodiversity, with 35 hectares preserved as a wild forest reserve and a further 20 hectares dedicated to sugar cane cultivation. Sugar cane cultivation on the Finca del Sol farm has a heritage of more than 150 years and is deeply rooted in a tradition that further enriches the farm’s heritage and contributes to sustainable agricultural practices.

About the taste

Caturra is a direct descendant of bourbon and is known for its delicate and complex flavours, which are often floral and fruity. The combination of juicy wild strawberries, refreshing nectarines and subtle vanilla flavours is a guaranteed recipe for a perfect day full of fruity flavours!


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