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Professional sensory skills course (2 days)


Sensory skills are definitely one of the most important skills of a coffee professional. Sensory skills training is a very complex discipline, that requires a professional attitude, equipment and mainly experience.

Professional sensory skills is a two-day course, where we will teach you the complex theory of human perception. This is then trained in practical exercises of coffee sensory analysis. Nextly, we will show you the SCA Cupping protocol step by step, together with the form and flavour attributes. What is the biggest benefit of this course is very focused training on single coffee flavour attributes. We pay a lot of attention to basic flavours, aromas, acids, tactile, defects, and more, After calibration, we’ll have full SCA Cupping. You’ll experience in total 2 full SCA Cupping, yet each will be a bit different.
This course is suitable for graduates of our Barista’s sensory skills course and mainly coffee professionals.

We highly recommend eating any spicy food and no smoking at least one day prior to the course,

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Course outline

  • Sensory skills – theory
  • Senses and coffee
  • SCA Cupping protocol a form
  • Practical part
    • Basic flavours
      • Identification
      • Intensity
    • Flavour description
    • SCA Cupping
    • Acids
    • Aromas
    • Paired comparison test
      • triangulation
      • in/out
      • 2/5
    • Defects
      • identification and training
      • identification in cupping and grading

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate and a small coffee gift.

Length of course | 2 days, 12-14 hours in total
Number of participants | 2-5 participants

The course takes place in our professional training centre The Roses Barista Academy.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at +420 776 617 320 or by email.

Please also keep in mind our cancellation policy.


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