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Ethiopia Guji Uraga Dimi Tula Washed | Filter


| 250 g
Dimi tula
Processing method
1 900 - 2 400 m. a. s. l.
Roast profile
Flavour profile

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Popis kurzu

Get ready for a unique taste experience with our Ethiopia Guji Uraga Dimi Tula Washed coffee. This summer special is made for lovers of fresh and fruity flavours that will refresh you on hot days.


This coffee is really special to us as it is our direct trade. We know the producers personally and the Uraga area has become the most popular after our visit this year. Uraga offers stunning scenery of the Ethiopian countryside and above all ideal conditions for growing coffee.

Therefore, The coffee comes from the Uraga region of Guji, known for its rich coffee culture and ideal conditions for growing coffee trees. The local farmers grow indigenous Ethiopian varieties at high altitudes from 1900 to 2400 metres above sea level, which contributes to the exceptional quality of their coffee.

The Dimi Tula processing plant plays a vital role in the production of this coffee. It closely monitors every step of the process to ensure the maximum quality of the final product. The harvest takes place at the beginning of the year, when the coffee cherries are carefully selected and then processed.


This exceptional coffee will enchant you with its delicate floral notes. Each cup delivers a rich and complex flavour profile dominated by notes of citrus, flowers and brown sugar. Filter roast.


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