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Guatemala Familia Jimenez Washed Bourbon | Espresso


| 250 g
Finca Familia Jimenez
Processing method
1600 - 1800 m. a. s. l.
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About the producer

Huehuetenango is famous for its elevated terrain and reliable climate. Due to its location where warm air from the Tehuantepec Plain in the Mexican state of Oaxaca and cool air from the Cuchumantanes Mountains converge, this region has a unique microclimate. This atmospheric interplay prevents frost and supports coffee growing even at high altitudes of 2 000 metres above sea level. Such conditions are ideal for obtaining the lively acidity and unique fruity notes characteristic of the region.

Pascual Jimenez, a second-generation coffee producer in Buena Vista region, is revered as a Mayan chief for his wisdom and leadership. Together with his family, he operates Finca Familia Jimenez and is renowned for his Fully washed Bourbon coffee, celebrated for its bright citrus notes and dark chocolate sweetness. In this picturesque landscape, Pascual Jimenez and his family continue their legacy of excellence in coffee cultivation, rooted in tradition and sustained by a deep respect for the land.

About the taste

Guetamela Buena Vista coffee with Washed Bourbon flavor offers sweet flavor notes accompanied by sour citrus notes. In the coffee, you will find flavours of milk chocolate as well as candied orange or plum. Enjoy a little bit of sweet Guatemala in your own home now!


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